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Someone in any field, he sometimes has to face bed time. Most of the talk takes place in the world of sports and film. If you look at

our Bollywood, you will find hundreds of cases of people who have seen and lived bad times. When Amitabh Bachchan's stars were in the neck, he did not get any sleep at night. His films were beaten and so he stopped working. The company he founded ABCL made a terrible loss. Even if they sold everything they had, there was still so much debt to match. He came out of the movie with Mahobat and gradually got out of depression. One-time superstar Rajesh Khanna even attempted suicide in frustration. Deepika Padukone also acknowledged her depression. Writers sometimes get a writer's block too.

All this is happening to celebrity stories. If anything happens to celebrities, the whole country and the world take notice of it, even those who are out of frustration are present. The common man has to deal with his frustration alone. We still avoid seeking advice or treatment from a psychiatrist. Don't talk to anyone openly, I'm not joking at all or I'm afraid of that. Success can sometimes lead to frustration that a person may not even realize. What if my name and honor are not there? What if people turned away from me today who were crazy behind me? What if this honor and gesture is gone? It is difficult to say where and how depression will come.

There are a variety of ways to overcome frustration. Psychiatrists check out a person's personality and suggest ways to get them out of depression. It's not necessary to have major frustrations every time. Some frustrations are also temporary. Sometimes it seems like there is no fun anywhere. I don't mind talking to anyone. Sometimes there is no fun even if there is no pain. At times, there is the fear that something bad is about to happen. Fears of fantasy surround us. Women are experiencing more hormonal changes than men. Ladies have to be more mentally healthy. Try to avoid being cautious as a weak idea first comes. If it's not too much fun, take a short break. Do something you like. Remember one thing, the last breath of life holds the potential for success. Believe in yourself, that is going to be good. Promise yourself that under no circumstances will I be weak or weak. Our friends, relatives or psychiatrists help us in times of depression, but finally we have to get out of this situation. The stronger the man, the faster he can get out of depression.
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