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Paper Of Binsachivalay -2

Keeping off has just stopped. I'm very rubbish, but I don't care. What if someone expects to live? Wise people say that expectations are the root of many sorrows. I have now tied the knot. No one has expectations. Hearing this, his daughter once said, "You have lost hope." So do one more thing now, stop even repeatedly saying that I have stopped expecting. You speak, and it seems that your expectations are not met.
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Expectation of reward or appreciation in a relationship is one of the major causes of suffering. We keep knocking from the inside. Often we find ourselves being harassed more than anyone else is bothering us. Many doubts, delusions, and jealousies are the only ones we grow up with. We cannot think that someone will have some problem, someone will have some compulsion. We keep thinking that they should and should not do so. We often do wrong by thinking only from our side, doing what we love

I was studying with a boy and a girl. The views of both were very similar. Gradually friendships between the two began. The relationship between the two was nostalgic. Love or marriage did not matter. The friendship became so close that the two were aware of each other's little things. Doesn't last all day without talking. Both grew up. The girl's demands started to come. The girl talks to her friend all the time. Eventually her marriage to a boy was decided. The girl got married. The friend also loved it. Time started to go. The girl was about to set in her new life. The contact with the boy began to decline. There were days when the common message between the two had not been exchanged all day.

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This was not tolerated by the boy. Is our friendship over? I have to tell you everything. You have nothing to say? You don't mind talking about what goes on in your life? I was like, our whole life will be our friendship. You are doing wrong to me One day the girl quietly called. He said, "Who says I forgot you?" You are my personal friend. Never forget you I didn't talk to you so I guess everything was over? Yes, you can't hear everything. The reason why you can't answer sometimes is different. After marriage my responsibility has increased. My Husband is a very good person. Do I have to give it time too? I understand your expectations. I also realize that it cannot meet expectations. I apologize for this, but my friends, do not let me be selfish or treacherous
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