Good news for Government School Teacher

Good news for Government School Teacher

News of relief for teachers has arrived. Teachers can now be exempted from other government work. It is worth mentioning that in addition to teaching the children to the school teachers are involved in various voting tasks, different lunch breaks and census work.

In the new draft of the Education Policy proposed by the human resources department, it is recommended for teachers to be exempted from other work. Loads of lunch are typically placed on teachers. It has been said that the level of education can be improved if the teachers pay more attention to the education of the students.

Good news for Government School Teacher
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Apart from this, small and large government works have been handed over to the teachers. The responsibility of the booth level officer is also given to the teachers. States like Delhi have taken this issue seriously before and have freed teachers from this responsibility. Now the central government can take important decisions on this, which will bring relief to the teachers in the country.
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