Reliance Jio Offers Customers The Biggest Diwali Offer, Without Having To Exchange Your Phone… !!

Reliance Jio has announced the Jiophone Diwali offer. Under which you can buy JioPhone 2 for only 699 rupees. However, JioPhone 2 is priced at Rs 1500. The company has stated that it does not require you to exchange any old phone.
JioPhone 2 is available at Rs 699 which means you can save Rs 800. JioPhone 2 is a feature phone. However, you can run Google, YouTube and WhatsApp. You can also run Facebook in it. The company launched this phone with the branding of smart feature phones.

Under Diwali 2019 Offer, the company will also provide 700 rupees data to customers who have purchased JioPhone 2. However, you will need to recharge for that. After the first 7 recharges, data of Rs 99 will be added to the customer's account from Jio.

700 rupees is data extra meaning that you will not get direct 700 data. For this you have to recharge your phone, since then the data of 99 rupees will be added to the account and will be applicable for 7 recharges.

Reliance Jio has stated that the savings of Rs 800 and Rs 700 on JioPhone will be available on all Jio phone purchases. A total of 1500 rupees will be available. Talking about the features of JioPhone 2, it has a 2.40 inch display. It has 515MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory. This phone has a 2 megapixel rear camera.

The JioPhone 2's battery is 2000mAh and runs on any KAI OS. There is also a 0.3 megapixel front camera for selfie. Memory power can be increased by installing microSD in smartphones.

JioPhone 2 offers features like WiFi, GPS, NFC and FM radio for connectivity. This phone is a QWERTY keyboard and has also been supported by Google Assistant. It has a dedicated, which can be enabled by pressing Google Assistant.
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