Binsachivalay Examination Model Paper No.3 PDF - With Correct Answer

Binsachivalay Examination Model Paper No.3 PDF - With Correct Answer

Millions of students in Gujarat who are std. The eligibility of the exams which were preparing for filling the form on the basis of 12 qualifications have been changed overnight. Students come from different cities to study in major cities. They are paying big fees for preparation and only after changing the eligibility of the exam that was last seen by the government on October 20, many students are no longer eligible to take the exam. There has been a lot of anger among the students across Gujarat.
The exam was to be held for the Office Assistant and the Non-Secretariat, Keralak. After completing the form, the exam is on October 20 and instruct to download the collateral. Finally, the exam has been canceled. It is learned that the exam has been canceled due to eligibility. Std. Students who filled out forms on the basis of 12 will no longer qualify.

Information is being obtained through sources that will be reprocessed based on graduation. Thus, in the last days of the qualifying exam, the candidates are feeling angry.
Students switched outside the office of the Secondary Service Selection Board in Gandhinagar. The examination was organized by the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board. The students went to the office and chanted slogans. Officials locked the office due to heavy protests.

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There has been a huge outcry among students across the state since the last time the non-secretarial clerk exams were canceled. Thousands of candidates went to the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board office this morning. It was decided at a meeting in the afternoon that a new advertisement would be coming in the next 1 month.
Millions of youths across the state are facing severe disappointment over the cancellation of non-secretarial clerk recruitment. In the meantime, an important news is coming out that the government has said that a new announcement will be coming in the next 1 month. The existing 3500 premises will be increased and approximately 4500 new ones will be recruited by the government. Importantly, non-secretarial exams are not decided, but the date will come months later.

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Sources said that often changes made in the last time in such exams result in water reversal on students' preparation and money as well. Now, after the cancellation of the non-secretarial clerk examination to the government, Brahman has come to know. However, no exemption has been given in the non-secretarial examination till graduation.

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