Due to the new Motor Vehicle Act implemented in the country, the general public is facing difficulties.
   New traffic laws are being complied with all over the country. Now when driving, negligence can be extreme. A new Motor Vehicle Act has already been implemented across the country.
    Following the new traffic rules implemented in the country, it is not possible for the common man to break traffic rules and drive. Driving licenses are very important to drive today.
         But even today the common man believes that obtaining a driving license is very difficult. But it really is not. After the implementation of innovative technology in the administrative system of the country, most of the administrative work has been done online.
    Therefore, we can also get a license online and for that we do not have to pay any extra money or even have an agent to work.
    Getting an online license is very easy and saves the time and money of ordinary people.
    Here we will learn how to get an online license and how to process it.

Some new rules of traffic:::::-----

1)You will have to pay a fine of Rs 5000 on driving without a license. Which was only Rs 500 before.

2)Police will now charge a fine of Rs. 10,000 for drunk driving. That was only 2000 rupees.

3)A fine of Rs 1000 instead of 100 for wearing a helmet and a license suspended for three months.

4)2000 fines or 3 months license suspended instead of 100 for placing more than two persons on a two wheeler.

5)First 1000 and now 5000 rupees fine for talking on the phone while driving.

6)The first was Rs 400 for over speeding. Now for the first time, a fine of Rs 1000 to 2000 on light vehicles and a fine of Rs 2000 to 4000 on a medium passenger or commercial vehicle, for the second time the license is seized.

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