Board Parixarthi potanu Centre jate choose kari shakshe.

The information presented in the present module is not available for reading and counting. Every teacher has a module of that and only have to use it. Work will be done according to the remedial program done during the year.

This guide has been prepared in the form of a classroom oriented program for children of standard 2 to 8 in the same manner. It is natural that children are living in child's activities in a 35-day vacation. In this period, they have done the recollection that they have studied in quantity. So we can set up these guidelines in school and in the new classroom easily, and it is necessary to recreate the core issues of earlier learned topics through interesting activities, songs, stories, riddles etc. In view of all this, we have prepared these guidelines. Before starting the new course of that standard, we will do a day-to-day work as per guidelines in fifteen working days.

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