The possibility of creating 11.5 lakh jobs in India in the next 6 months now

The possibility of creating 11.5 lakh jobs in India in the next 6 months now

In Ahmedabad, net employment potential improved by 3%

Employment opportunities in travel, hospitality, BPO and IT sectors are increasing


Ahmedabad: Composite Staffing Company TeamLease Services launched its 'Six Monthly Employment Report' for the period April to September 2019. In this report, 3% increase in the net employment potential and 11.5 lakh additional employment generated in this period has been expressed. According to this report, about 57% of the businesses are expected to increase their net worth potential. Travel & Hospitality and BPO and Information Technology-based sectors are the leading in the industry with an expected increase of 4% in employment. Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and executive vice-president of TeamLease Services, said that the positive business outlook of the stock market and the rise in investment would seem to have a bearing on the potential for employment potential. It improves the net worth of employment, which saw a 2% decrease in the last half year and increased by 3% in the current half year.

Increasing prospects for new jobs in Ahmedabad

Between October to March, 2018-19 compared to April to September, 2019-20, the probability of seven cities from the 14 cities involved in the survey improved, and the probability of the remaining half-cities has been found to decrease. According to the report, the net employment potential of Pune has increased by 5%, Coimbatore 4%, Indore 4%, Chennai 3%, Ahmedabad 3%, Kolkata 3% and Delhi 2%.

Approximately 17% of jobs will be available in Fresh Graduate

According to the report, retail, logistics, educational services and fast moving Consumer Goods and Durables will add approximately 1.66 lakhs, 1.49 lakhs, 1.17 lakhs and 1.10 lakh respectively. During April to September 2019, approximately 17% of all new jobs will be provided by Fresh Graduate, which is an additional indicator of volume hiring. With the formation of elections and the formation of a new government, the sentiment will be stronger and better.

Worldwide job opportunities also increase

With the fear of slowing down in international trends, the net potential of employment for Europe, the Middle East and the APAC for the April to September period has improved. In Europe the net probability of employment increased by 3%, followed by 2% in the Middle East and 1% in the APAC. The probability of America was stable at 42%.
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