Fix Pay Updates Latest Bihar Na Chukada Pachhi Gujarat Ma Sun Thase

Fix Pay Updates Latest Bihar Na Chukada Pachhi Gujarat Ma Sun Thase

Fix pay updates latest news

Fix Pay Policy Start In 2006 In Gujarat. There After Government Made Lots Of Changes In The Fix Pay Policy.

Many Time Government Hike The Salary Of Fix Pay Workers. Many Time Give Him Other Benifit Too.

During This Time Government Made Lots Of GR Change The Fix Policy.Last At Government Made Huge Change In Fix Pay Scheme In 2017. Government Hike The Salary Of This Employees As Well As Give Lots Of Benefits Which The Permanent Employees Gets

     If You Look For The All GR Between 2006 To 2017 Of Fix Pay Policy Then This Article Is Very Useful For You.
     I Give Single PDF File In Which You Gets All The Gr of This Policy



About Fix Pay News By GSTV Gujarati

Nearly three and a half lakh employees in Bihar were shocked by the Supreme Court's decision. The Supreme Court has given great relief to the Bihar government. On Friday, teachers refused to pay equal pay for similar work. With this, the Supreme Court withdrew the Patna High Court's decision. With the Supreme Court's decision, 3.5 lakh employees in Bihar have been caught in a big shock.

It was as if millions of teachers were looking at Delhi's judgment. Many leaders of Bihar's proficient teachers are camping in Delhi. It is to be mentioned that in the larger decision with the teachers, the bench of Justice Abhaya Manohar Sapre and Justice Uday Umit Lalit had last heard the last hearing on October 3. After which the decision was kept safe.

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