Wrong FRI problem solve

Wrong FRI problem solve

At present, we find that if FIR is lodged against someone, then the police are pushing for it. But all our citizens in India have got the rights. So that every citizen can defend himself. If you have filed a false complaint against someone you can challenge it. If your argument is true then you may get relief by the High Court.

We are telling you how to avoid it if there is a false FIR. In this regard, the High Court's lawyer Sanjay Mehra said that such a case can be challenged under section 482 of the Indian Penal Code. The court can get relief if the plea of ​​the petitioner's verdict is true.

You can use this clause if someone has falsely lodged against you. Through this section, a High Court request letter (mercy petition) can be invoked through a lawyer.

You can also give evidence of your innocence with this application. In which you can attach video recording, audio recording, photographs, documents, with mercy petition. Which will enable you to present your innocence firmly in court.
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