Now HTAT can become Education Inspector Read Notification 31 January 2019

Now HTAT can become Education Inspector Read Notification 31 January 2019

Car Donations for Veterans is a meaningful way to support military and veteran related charities with a tax deduction eligible contribution.

This Memorial Day we are doing a special feature on car donations for veterans. This national holiday is a time where we all take a chance to honor the active and retired military members who serve our country. When donating a car there are many different car donation programs to choose from but we would like to highlight our veteran and military related charities that you can donate a car to.

Take a look at some of the comments and support that some of our amazing donors have to say about their car donation process and why they chose to donate cars to veteran organizations.
Fairhaven, MA – “Donation seemed to be the best thing to do with the car, and I’ve always had the utmost respect for our country’s veterans. I try to give back to them wherever I can.”
Mount Prospect, IL – “I have bought a new car. I wanted to donate this one so it can be used specifically to benefit those who could use help. As a veteran myself I would feel better knowing the car was going towards veterans in need as opposed to possibly being scrapped and ending up rusting away in a junkyard.”
Westfield, MA – “Hopefully there will be some value left in it to help out a vet.”
Oak Grove, LA – “My husband, was a Veteran, as well as 2 sons, grandson, son in law.”
Richmond, VA – “I would prefer that your Organization benefit from it before giving it to these organizations that want steal it from you.”
Madison, WI – “As a Veteran myself I would like to help others that have served in any way I can.”
Beaverton, OR – “I am a vet If this can help them in anyway I am happy to donate my vehicle.”
Sandy Hook, CT – “I can no longer drive. I want my car to go to help deserving veterans and/or their families.”
Murfreesboro, TN – “I think it’s a great organization and my step dad was a Navy Seal so I feel like it’s the least I can do. And whatever you get will maybe help someone.”
Holsbrook, MA – “Instead of trading it in I want to help others.”
Beaverton, OR – “My husband and I are both children of military families. We understand the unique challenges veteran’s and their families face. I have loved this vehicle and done my best to keep it maintained. The repair required is beyond us, but may not be for you. The parts have value but we don’t have the skills to utilize them.”
Burnsville, MN – “My husband is a Vet and works for the VA – it is a good opportunity to donate to an important cause.”
Chandler, AZ – “I wanted to support our veterans, especially with Memorial Day approaching.”

For more information visit our homepage to learn about donating a car. Don’t forget to celebrate our veterans this Memorial Day and consider honoring them with car donations for veterans.

Now HTAT can become Education Inspector Read Notification 31 January 2019

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