Rajay ni Prathmik School Maa 20800 thi vadhre jagaya khali

Rajay ni Prathmik School Maa 20800 thi vadhre jagaya khali

In the primary schools of the state, 20800 empty helicopter primary schools do not have the rules to fill 60 percent of the vacant posts every year, as a result of which thousands of those candidates are deprived of the teacher’s job. In the primary schools across the state, there are currently 2,362 recruitment candidates against 20,800 vacant posts. Wants

NSUI has written a written introduction to the Director of Primary Education against the demand for recruitment of Vidyasahayak, which is also being deprived of child primary education and various programs are being organized by the State Government, apart from the allocation of various educational programs and grants based on the number of students in primary schools. In addition to being available for modern education in primary schools, Compa The gutter is also made

On the basis of the number of students, the husband performs every year, although the primary education department has the rules to recruit 60% subsidy for the vacant posts in primary schools, even though the State Government does not have to recruit Vidyasikayak in primary schools, so the allegations of vacant leave of 20800 teachers in primary school are declared by the NSUI general secretary Amit Party It has been alleged that in the last two years primary schools In the written and verbal presentation of the protest program by the candidates regarding vacant posts of teachers

As a result, the state government has recruited only 3262 vacancies against the vacancies of 20800 primary teachers by the education department. Recruitment of teachers in primary schools by the recruitment of teachers is sought by the NSUs to remove the TET-pass candidates from the educated unemployed by applying NSUI to the Primary Education Director Has come

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