Every LPG Cylinder Comes With Rs 40 Lakh Insurance-But Do You Know That?

Every LPG Cylinder Comes With Rs 40 Lakh Insurance-But Do You Know That?
One of the ardent reader of Mangalorean.com, Mr Cyril Sequeira from Mangaluru had sent an email, along with a newspaper clipping, highlighting about the liability insurance coverage in case of LPG cylinder blast or any injuries or death caused by gas explosion. The reader had requested us to spread the message among our other readers, so that they also know about this LPG cylinder Rs 40 lakh insurance coverage.
But sadly, most of the LPG consumers have no knowledge nor been informed of the welfare schemes initiated by various state and central government and the pity is that the department concerned also forgets to give information about possible facilities one can avail. For example whenever a new cylinder comes to our home, it has Rs 40 lakh worth Insurance policy on the beneficiary but hardly revealed by the government nor the gas company so far. Not knowing this, people who are affected with cylinder blast or losing life over cylinder fire, do not claim the amount. In fact we are paying the premium for this amount when every full cylinder comes to our home. So, Team Mangalorean is sharing this information to you all.
Even I was also not aware about the exact details of the scheme, until this reader alerted us with his email, and news clipping. However on further studying it was known that all registered consumers are insured against accidents involving LPG cylinders at registered address. Their family members are also covered. In case of death, the kin can file a claim and the court decides the amount to be paid taking into account factors like victim’s age, salary and other factors. First of all, a police report will should be filed. Intimation to the LPG distributor should be given in writing who will inform the company and the insurer. The insurance policies taken by LPG Distributors/ PSU Oil Marketing Companies are Public Liability Policies and are not in the name of any individual LPG customer.
It was quite a strange news to me. I searched the net I found it is true. But most of the people and even the employees and the dealers of the company also don’t know much about this insurance. In case of any mishap due to blasting of gas cylinder has to be reported within 30 minutes of the incident to the dealer. Also yet another friend told me that there is an impression of expiry date of a cylinder (not the LPG filled) marked on side. If you get any cylinder after expiry date, in such case also you can lodge a complaint and get compensation. But I am still trying to get the authenticity of this information. In the meantime, you may also try to get it.
It is really good information of LPG cylinder insurance to share with and I bet many of you also were not aware of it, as I was also not aware of this till now-thanks to Cyril!. Very often we hear such news about blasting of gas cylinders in some corners of the country. But I don’t understand why the Government and the Gas distribution agencies are not giving much publicity to it. Will they pay from their pockets if any accidents happen? If it is insured properly by paying premium regularly, then the insurance company has to pay the compensation. The Government should popularize it as the accidents cause loss of life as well as property.

Even though I grabbed some information on the issue from here and there-even it is true but there is a ‘Catch’ in this. This insurance is applicable for ‘registered users’ only. But sources reveal that in India, almost 80% LPG cylinders are used by non-registered users, who, in case of any mishap, won’t be able to claim the insured amount. So only accidents involving registered users and also at registered places are covered. Also the insurance amount is not Rs. 40 lakhs in all cases across the board. The maximum amount is Rs. 40 lakhs.

Every LPG Cylinder Comes With Rs 40 Lakh Insurance-But Do You Know That?

The actual amount is determined on case to case basis depending upon the circumstances of the case. In case any spurious i.e. non-ISI rubber tube, hot plate or any such other fitment is used then, no claim will be entertained. Then there are other terms and conditions like reporting the accidents immediately to the LPG distributor and lodging FIR etc. to be followed. That’s how insurance companies play games, when you submit your claims- no matter if it is an auto-accident claim or a health/hospital expenses claims. The insurance guys will sleuth you from top to bottom, till they are satisfied to reimburse your insurance claim. But no matter what, it’s always advisable to file an insurance claim when there is accident related to LPG cylinder blast. Don’t wait-File the claim at the earliest, after police report and other proceedings are done.

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