According to the government's new rule, subsidies will not be available to consumers, but the second benefit.

According to the government's new rule, subsidies will not be available to consumers, but the second benefit.
According to the new rules of government, consumers will not get subsidy in the account, but the second benefit.
Friends, you will know that the government has recently released a new law for gas. The government has decided to transfer this subsidy directly to the company's account, as many consumers are taking double benefits through the sale of subsidy and bottles by taking unnecessary cylinders. Due to such fraud of the customers, the government suffered huge losses. So the government wants to stop the subsidy of black money now.
According to the new rule, the new cylinder will be available in this way
The government has recently decided to change the amount of subsidy to the customer's account, which would increase the cost of gas in the price of gas. Prior to the payment of the amount to the customers, the problems arose, but now the subsidy will be directly deposited in the petroleum company's account. According to the data available, a new process for the subsidy will be started shortly after considering the rising prices of the petroleum ministry gas cylinder, for which the new software for subsidy will be prepared. So that consumers only have to pay the price of the cylinder. Instead of 942.50 cylinders in Delhi, now the subscriber will have to pay 507.42 rupees.
This decision took the cause of the Sir
Due to this decision, the polices of the agencies and consumers will now be closed. Because there were complaints that the cylinders book even though there is no customer requirement and the subsidy is credited to the customer's account. And then the bottles are sold to someone else. It was necessary for the government to do so that 40% of the brightest beneficiaries had booked average 4 bottles a year. 60% of the beneficiaries have consumed lesser bottles than this year.

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The customer will have to show a code
Friends, according to a man from this field, the code will be sent by an SMS to the subscriber's registered mobile after the gas booking for DBT has been renewed. After receiving the gas cylinder, the customer will have to show that code. After that, the government will deposit the subsidy amount directly into the company's account. In this case, the consumer will have to pay only the price of subsidized gas cylinder.

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