Unlock Android smartphone by following this steps by factory reset

Smartphone Unlock Tricks
Unlock Android smartphone by following this steps by factory reset

– Take the Android smartphone first, which is to unlock.
– Then switch the phone to the next.
– Wait for at least a minute now.
– Now press the + volume button and power button simultaneously.
– Your device will be open in recovery mode. Tap the factory reset button in it
– To clean the data, tap on the wipe cache partition.
– Wait a second for 1 second and start Android device.
– Look, your Android device has been unlocked.

Tricks to unlock the smartphone
2. Android Device Pattern by Unlocked Android Device Manager Unlock
– Go to the Android device manager site with the following link. https://www.google.com/android/find
Enter your Gmail ID. Which you entered into your own Android device.
Now click on the option of the lock.
– Unlock Android Device Pattern Lock by Android Device Manager
– Enter a new password and confirm once again your new password.
– Leave the remaining boxes blank and click on the lock the second time.
– Now reboot your Android smartphone.
– Enter the new password now. Which was set up with your Android device manager.
– This is not the way all Android devices work.

Smartphone Unlock Tricks
3. Bypass the pattern lock on your device
– Take your smartphone and enter 5 times the wrong pattern. Now you will see a notification, which states that, after 30 seconds, try again.
– Now there will be an option for the Forgotten password.
– Put your Gmail ID and password in it, which you put in a locked device.

Now you can set a new pattern lock.
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